Randy's Ramblings

Randy is a knitter at K2TOG who shares his 'masculine' perspective on all things knitting.
  • I've been knitting off and on for a few years, since taking a beginner's knitting class at Skein Lane on Fairmont Avenue.

    My knitting projects have been limited to scarves and hats. My first hat was completed on the day of my employer's holiday party this last December.

    02/11/2010 - 4:10pm
  • What motivated me to learn to knit? Did someone promote the idea to me, or was there some other attraction to the idea of knitting that ultimately created my desire to sign up for a knitting class?

    I don't remember anyone promoting to me the idea of learning to knit.

    I do have memories of influential women in my life knitting. My mother died of cancer when I was eleven years old. I remember sitting at her feet as a child and holding a skein of yarn between my hands while she rolled the yarn into a ball.

    My older sister was a very talented knitter.

    02/11/2010 - 4:17pm